Why us

Our goal here is breeding pure British cats according to WCF standards while human-orientated pet character and health are the first priority. Type is also very important for us as we want to have cobby baby-face cats.
We are a family cattery located in South Ukraine and have been breeding since 2017. My name is Tatiana and running a cattery has always been my dream as long as I can remember myself. All the members of my family take great care of our cats every day and pay much attention to them to make them strong and socialised. I also make photos of them and post and communicate with you. My family are big fans and passionate with breeding cats. We are specialised in golden and silver shaded short and longhair chinchillas. Our cats and kittens often successfully take part in cat exhibitions. Our graduates live in China, Thailand, the USA, England, Vietnam …and we are proud of some of them who are the winners of Best in Show or Best in its Breed.